What is Net Metering and Why is It So Important?

Solar energy offers an opportunity to escape reliance on the grid. With California’s recent issues with blackouts due to wildfires, solar is the best way to avoid letting your family’s safety and comfort be decided by huge utility companies. This is especially true when combined with a solar battery.



However, a solar installation does more than that! In fact, solar panels can make the grid rely on you! This is because of a process called net metering. Here’s how it works.

What Is It?

Net metering is a billing mechanism that allows customers to sell the electricity they generate back to the grid and get credits on their utility bills for when they do use power from the grid. This not only saves customers money, but it helps supply electricity to the entire grid helping with demand for everyone.

You’ll only get billed for your “net” electricity use by essentially subtracting the energy you generate from the amount consumed over the month. This can equal hundreds of dollars throughout the year.

Net metering is just one example of the hidden perks to solar panel installation. From tax credits to net metering to solar energy storage, there are more ways to save than you might at first imagine.

Do I Need Special Equipment For Net Metering?

You’ll need the fairly standard bi-directional meter. However, this additional piece of equipment will pay for itself rather quickly.

Is Net Metering Available Everywhere?

No! While most states require it, some do not. California, as a leader in solar energy, has had net metering in place for years.

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