Tesla Powerwall 3
Power Everything

Tesla Powerwall 3 is an affordable backup solution for your entire home, providing continuous power and enhanced battery performance, leading to greater savings and reduced electricity bills.

Designed for Cost Efficiency

  • Integrated inverter and controls reduce the number of parts needed, simplifying and speeding up installation.
  • Easy battery expansion with plug-and-play energy additions, whether now or in the future.
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Increased Savings

  • The integrated inverter enhances solar energy capture with built-in power conversion.
  • Utilizes historical energy data and weather forecasts to optimize energy usage.

One Integrated System

Designed to meet the needs of home EV charging, enabling the prioritization of sustainable practices and maximizing energy efficiency savings.

Highly Durable and Reliable

  • Designed to operate effectively at high elevations, in humid conditions, and across a wide temperature range.
  • Intelligently manages temperature to ensure optimal performance even in extreme cold.
  • Flood-resistant and submersible up to 28 inches.

Outage Protection

A single unit provides complete backup protection for your entire home during a grid outage.

  • PW3 stores more energy, offering enhanced protection against power outages.
  • Powerwall ensures smooth transitions to backup power when the grid connection is lost.
  • Storm Watch monitors weather data and automatically charges Powerwall in anticipation of severe weather events.


In your home, power is everything. Keeping the lights on at night—and food fresh in the refrigerator—is more than a luxury. It represents safety, freedom and control. And with SunVault™ Storage, you can maintain safety and freedom inside your home, regardless of what happens outside of it, with whole home* backup.


Keep your lights on

Power outages are simply part of our world these days. From rolling blackouts to lightning storms to simply spending more time at home—be the house on the block where the lights shine bright and the electric bills drop.*


Get more energy independence

Electricity costs are rising across the country. And utilities charge more when they know you need it most. Instead, make your own clean energy, store the excess for peak times and power outages and break free from the power company grid games.


Take control of your energy use

Battery Storage you can set your own power preferences, monitor system operation and savings with intuitive software, and ensure seamless transfers from grid power to battery power and back.

See how Battery Storage can power your home.

Square Footage
Solar System Size kW
Battery Batteries can provide up to:
3+ Days Days Day & Hours Hour Hours Hour of Backup
Calculation is an estimate based on typical use of electrical appliances as provided by the Silicon Valley Power Appliance Energy Use Chart. Customer experience will vary based on location and actual usage. We do not warrant or guarantee this performance. Some appliances may not be compatible with storage system. Your installation contractor can help you determine which appliances and devices are compatible.

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