• Prepare For A Power Outage With A Generac Emergency Generator

    We live in uncertain times. The fact of the matter is that with climate change and increased pressure on the grid, rolling blackouts and unexpected power outages can occur for any number of reasons. This doesn’t mean we should all be panicking, and start hoarding supplies or rioting in the streets. However, it is important to be prepared in the event of an emergency.

    Fortunately, JP Electric & Solar is here to offer backup generator installation in Visalia, so you can stay prepared no matter what happens. We offer quality installations of cutting-edge Generac generators. Generac is the number-one home backup generator brand on the market, and with our affordable financing options, we make it easy for you to get an industry-leading generator ASAP. Contact JP Electric & Solar today to learn more about generator installation, and find out what energy experts with over 40 years of experience can do for you.

    Benefits of installing a Generac generator in your home include:

    • Emergency preparedness during blackouts
    • Ability to manage power
    • Remote monitoring capability
    • Keeping the lights on, no matter what

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What Is An Automatic Backup Generator?

Backup generators are designed to restore power to your electrical system in the event of an outage. Most of today’s backup generators are automatic, which means they turn on as soon as an outage is detected. The quality Generac generators offered by JP Electric & Solar supply power directly to your house’s electrical circuit breaker box following an outage. Once your utility power returns, your Generac generator will also shut itself off—meaning there are no operation concerns on your end. These systems run on natural gas or liquid propane, and are located outside your house, similar to a central air conditioning unit. Modern Generac generators also come with greater fuel efficiency, so you can worry less about the toll on the environment and your wallet.

Why Generac Emergency Generators?

For over 60 years, Generac has designed and manufactured top-of-the-line backup power generators for residentialcommercial, and industrial properties. As the world’s largest provider residential emergency generator provider, Generac is able to offer a wide range of products through a vast network of independent generator dealers, retailers, and wholesalers. Generac outsells their competitors by five times combined, so you know when you install a Generac generator with JP Electric & Solar, you are always going to get the best product on the market.

What Size Generator Do I Need?

Generator sizing can be tricky, but ultimately, it all comes down to what kind of property you need to power, and how long you need to power it. When you contact JP Electric & Solar for a generator consultation, our service pros will provide you with information regarding a range of appliances, and advise you on which system is right for your home.

At JP Electric & Solar, we offer three types of generator installation:

  1. Essential power option: At JP Electric & Solar, we offer Generac’s prepackaged Guardian Series generator. This system is paired with a transfer switch containing a predetermined number of circuits based on the unit’s kW power rating. Each of these circuits is connected directly to a matched circuit in your home’s main breaker panel. The “essential power” option is based on determining which parts of your home are essential, and installing the generator to supply electricity to those specific areas during an outage.
  2. Managed power option: If you’re looking for more coverage with less generator, including whole-house coverage, you may want to pair a smaller system with one of Generac’s load-shedding options. This will create a “managed power option,” in which non-essential circuits are shed when the generator approaches maximum capacity. These circuits are then cycled back on when essential circuits no longer required. In other words, “managed power” means distributing electricity throughout your house at different times, based on the needs of different rooms.
  3. Complete power option: The complete power option is exactly what it sounds like. By pairing one of Generac’s larger kW units and the proper transfer, this option allows you to power every circuit in your home during an outage. If it is important to you that every appliance is available during every minute of an outage, complete power installation is probably right for you.

Generator FAQs

  • What’s better, air-cooled generators or automatic liquid-cooled generators? Air-cooled generators come with fans that force air across the engine to cool it. Liquid-cooled generators, on the other hand, use an enclosed radiator system to cool the engine. Liquid cooling is far more common in larger kW generators, and while these systems may be more expensive to install, they also cover more space and have longer lifespans.
  • Can I use an automatic backup generator to replace utility electric service? Although backup generators are great for emergencies, they should not be used as a main power source. The cost of generator fuel is much more expensive than paying for power from the utility company, which is why emergency generators are only made to be used as backups for utility power. The good news is that these systems are automatic, so you won’t have to worry about switching from backup power to utility power, no matter what happens!
  • Does my generator run on a battery? You can power your Generac generator using any average car battery you would find at a local auto parts store.
  • Who should I contact if I have a problem with my generator? Any authorized Generac dealer will be able to perform warranty service if you have a problem with your system. Authorized service centers are staffed with trained technicians, and certified to supporting all aspects of Generac’s many products.
  • What size gas line do I need for my backup generator? Either your gas provider or a licensed plumber should be able to size an appropriate gas line for your Generac backup generator. In the end, the size of the pipe you need will be determined by the length between the gas source and the unit, and how many elbows and tees it takes to connect that pipe. Not all generators are installed the same way, so the cost of installing this gas line may vary depending on factors like the amount of materials required and whether you’re using natural gas or liquid propane to power your generator.
  • What does the installation of a backup generator cost? The average installation cost for an automatic generator is approximately $2,000, although that amount may vary depending on location and other specifics related to your property. It must be noted that this estimate does not include the cost of the generator itself, or related taxes and permits. The good news is that JP Electric & Solar offers free assessments on generator installation, and provides you with detailed quotes for all Generac models! Remember, the price of installation cannot compare to the price of your family’s safety and security in an emergency.
  • What kind of fuel will my automatic generator use? Generac backup generators are usually built to run on natural gas, however, we can also reconfigure your generator during installation so it runs on liquid propane. While gas generators tend to be more efficient in terms of energy costs, liquid propane is often better for the environment and for your generator itself—so both are great options.

Call JP Electric & Solar For Visalia Generators Today!

If you’re looking for peace of mind regardless of what is going on in the outside world, consider installing a Generac home or standby generator with JP Electric & Solar. We proudly offer a full lineup of Generac options to choose from, no matter what kind of property you have. Our knowledgeable team will help you choose which kind of back-up generator is right for your property, allowing you to manage essential power in your home or ensure electricity is available throughout your business at all times.

In our age of uncertainty, it is important to have a power source you can count on. Contact JP Electric & Solar today for a free detailed estimate, and make sure your electrical system is always backed up in the event of a power outage.

Contact JP Electric & Solar today to learn more about SunPower® and to request a free quote. We offer customized financing options that allow you to choose a plan that perfectly fits your home.


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