Orosi High School SunPower Solar Academy

Orosi, CA– Orosi High School and the SunPower Corporation, partnered with the Tulare Kings Workforce Investment Board and the school districts of Cutler-Orosi, Visalia Unified and Dinuba, to provide a 5-day summer internship for a group of high school students. Students gained in-depth knowledge of residential photovoltaic systems, design, and financing. The students engaged and actively participated in the lecture.

For their main project students worked in teams, as a solar start-up company, and designed a residential system. Through hands-on activities, field visits and lectures from solar professionals, the students learned about project scope, design, financial and environmental economics leading the industry. On the final day of the academy, students delivered their solar proposal presentations to a panel of judges, school officials, community members and their families. Witnessing their professionalism and quick learning of the industry components we look forward to the innovations they will develop for the industry. Thank you to Orosi High School for inviting us to serve as guest speakers and judge for their Solar Academy Work Based Learning Project.