Easy Tips to Increase Your Household’s Energy Efficiency

The threat of climate change and the desire to spend less money on energy has motivated companies and people to go green. While big projects like going solar are a way to drastically reduce your carbon footprint, incorporating simple habits can also go a long way.

Here are a few of our eco-friendly recommendations.

#1: Smart Thermostat

The typical California household spends 31% of its energy on heating and air conditioning, according to the EIA. A smart thermostat can drastically cut down on your energy consumption depending on your current heating and cooling habits. Many homeowners leave their air conditioning on when it is unnecessary. A smart thermostat can make sure that you aren’t wasting energy on your A/C and heating when you aren’t home. They typically cost a few hundred dollars but can pay for themselves in savings within a few years.

#2: Low-Flow Appliances

Older plumbing fixtures can use more water than you might expect. Installing low-flow toilets or shower heads will prevent you from wasting as much water as you might expect. These new fixtures can easily cut your water consumption by 15% to 20%.

#3: Replace Your Lights

The EIA estimates that 8% of household energy usage goes towards lighting. Luckily there is a simple and cost-effective way to lower that number. Many homes still use incandescent lights. Replacing these old inefficient bulbs with LED lights means fewer replacements, due to their longer lifespan, and less energy use.

#4: Avoid Energy Vampires

If your appliances are plugged in, they will use energy even if the appliance is switched off. We call these “energy vampires” and they add up to wasted energy costs. Energy.gov estimates the costs can easily be over $100 over a full year, so unplug those appliances when not in use!

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