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JP Electric & Solar has the solution to fit your energy needs and suit your property. We install rooftop, ground mount, and tracking systems, large and small shade structures, and carports. Our vast experience includes solar installations for small business owners, large-scale commercial tracking systems, and everything in between. When you choose JP Electric & Solar for your commercial solar project, you get decades of knowledge and experience from local people living and working in your community, as well as SunPower® Elite Dealers.


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Types Of Solar Setups

Commercial customers have access to a wide variety of options to benefit their businesses, including:

  • Tracking: Combining efficient, high-performance panels, comprehensive warranties, single-axis tracking, and top-of-the-line operations services to ensure maximum production and maximum savings
  • Carports: This is a space-efficient way to provide solar power over existing parking areas; they can also be built to virtually any size, making them ideal to use in unusually-shaped spaces
  • Ground mount: If you have the space to accommodate it, ground mounts are an excellent way to make the most of your solar panels, utilizing the optimal tilt and making maintenance much simpler
  • Roof mount: The most well-known option, roof mounts can provide quality solar with fast installation of a fully-integrated Helix Roof system, all with minimal disruption to your daily business

Quality Performance

Savvy business owners like you demand the best solar with the most savings. JP Electric & Solar installs SunPower® solar panels, the industry’s most powerful solar panels that are built to last. SunPower® outperforms conventional solar panels during extreme temperatures and foggy days, and their panels are built to do so for decades to come.

Solutions Customized To Your Needs

Your property is unique, and so are your usage needs. To create a system that will give you everything you’re looking for, our solar designers will use the newest technologies to design and optimize your system for maximum savings, while considering aesthetics and architectural style.

Maximize ROI

You may be eligible to take advantage of the solar tax credit (ITC), along with, any state or local subsidies. New finance options have made going solar more attractive with little to no capital output, allowing you to keep your money in your business!

Contact JP Electric & Solar today to learn more about SunPower® and to request a free quote. We offer customized financing options that allow you to choose a plan that perfectly fits your home.


I 100% Recommend Them

“I just had a full panel upgrade and solar system installed. they did a great job and I 100% recommend them for all of your electrical and solar needs”

- Adam J.
Utterly Professional

“Utterly professional!”

- Karin V.

“Outstanding customer service. The process was explained to me in a clear manner making the transition painless and easy! I love seeing my power meter run backwards!! It's AWESOME! Thank you JP ELECTRI ...”

- Brian P.

Thanks JP Electric!

“We LOVE our Sunpower solar system! Tracking the amount of energy produced is amazing. Our house is comfortable and we are saving money. So glad that we made the leap to solar. Thanks JP Electric!”

- Cyndy H.


Very Friendly And Helpful

“Very Friendly and Helpful. The workers showed up and installed our panels within 7 hrs. We are enjoying great savings on our electric bill!!! Thank You JPElectric & Solar and Chris Wynn for helping us ...”

- Kevin E.


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High Quality SunPower® Products

As a SunPower® Elite Dealer, we are proud to provide you with highest quality solar power, all with a smaller footprint.

We Back Up Our Work

With 40 years of experience, we not only complete skilled work, but also back that up with follow-up appointments after we are done.

Customized Solutions

We take the time to find the best option for our clients, and make sure our work is seamless even in the most complex installations.

One-Stop Shop

To make things easy and convenient for you, we can handle everything from financing to installation, maintenance, and service after sale.