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Know Who and What is Going on your Roof (Part 2) – Products & Financing

JP Electric and Solar’s Facebook Live series: “Know Who and What is Going on Your Roof” goes step by step through the solar process. This episode covers everything about Product and Financing. Product There are many different types of solar panels available on the market. Knowing who and what is going on your roof is…

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Know who and what is going on your roof – Usage and Quotes

  FB Live—Thursday, Nov. 9—5:30pm Know who and what is going on your roof – Usage and Quotes In today’s ever-increasing energy cost environment, it makes sense to switch your power production to the sun. In order to make that switch, there are so many decisions to make and options to choose from. Going solar…

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Solar Tax Credit: How to plan for 2017-2018

The Solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC), is a federal incentive that can help eligible homeowners and businesses offset their solar panel costs. The solar ITC can be a significant factor in helping consumers determine if and when to go solar. The solar ITC is one of the main reasons people are going solar early, they…

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The Numbers Make Sense

Residential solar customer Jeff D., senior financial analyst for local hospital, recounts the process of deciding on JP Electric and Solar after reviewing the numbers, comparing quotes and seeing the savings. Jeff D. used the Solar Comparison Sheet to guide him in his search for solar. After getting three quotes, he decided to go solar…

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Solar in FALL? 3 Reasons Why

One of the most frequently asked questions we get is “When is the perfect time to go solar?” And there are a lot of factors that play in fully answering that question. Our go to answer is “Now.” Because honestly, the earlier the better when you go solar. The longer you wait; the less money…

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Warranties and Power

Here at JP Electric & Solar, we are proud to be a SunPower Elite Dealer and stand behind every panel we sell. It is not a secret that SunPower panels are priced higher than conventional panels. Then why are the majority of the panels we sell SunPower? The performance is usually the first on the…

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Solar Eclipse 2017! What does that mean for your Solar Powered home?

On August 21, the sun, moon and earth will be positioned in perfect alignment to cast a shadow across America from Oregon to South Carolina. The event is known as the Great American Solar Eclipse. An eclipse of this totality has not been experienced since 1918 (although TOTAL solar eclipses have happened since then, just…

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Financing Your Home Solar System

As with any large purchases, financing can be a difficult concept to grasp. “Will buying it straight out be the best way to go?” “What if a lease is better for my purchasing power?” “What exactly are the benefits of getting a loan over 20 years?” We know, it’s a scary decision. We weigh our…

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Orosi High School SunPower Solar Academy

Orosi, CA– Orosi High School and the SunPower Corporation, partnered with the Tulare Kings Workforce Investment Board and the school districts of Cutler-Orosi, Visalia Unified and Dinuba, to provide a 5-day summer internship for a group of high school students. Students gained in-depth knowledge of residential photovoltaic systems, design, and financing. The students engaged and…

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