Commercial Solar Services

JP Electric & Solar’s Commercial division installs rooftop, ground mount, and tracking systems, large and small shade structures and carports. Our vast experience includes installations for small business owners and large scale commercial tracking systems. When you choose JP Electric & Solar for your commercial solar project, you get decades of knowledge and experience from local people living and working in your community.

Arial view of JP Electric and Solar commercial agricultural solar tracking ground mount

Best Performance

We proudly install SunPower panels, the most powerful Solar Panels in the industry. With 23% efficiency our panels are known to work even in cloudy days and light fog. Have your panels work for you– from sunrise to sunset.

Commercial out building with Solar Array

Custom Design

Our knowledgeable energy consultants will work with you to design a solar system to meet your energy needs, financial goals and architectural style. Our in-house engineering team will then draft a set of custom blueprints based on your goals and your home’s architecture and electrical infrastructure.

Commercial parking structures with JP Electric and Solar installation of solar arrays

Maximize ROI

Take advantage of the energy offset, government rebates, and local subsidies to maximize your Return on Investment and put your money where it belongs: back into your business!

Close up view of agricultural tracking solar array


Tracker systems combine high performance, high-efficiency panel technology, single-axis tracking, comprehensive warranties and O&M services to maximize energy production. That means more savings on your electric bill today, and in the decades to come.

Commercial parking structures with JP Electric and Solar installation of solar arrays


An innovative way to bring solar savings to customers with little to no roof space. Carports can be constructed using almost any type of solar panel and can be built to virtually any dimension.

Solar Array parking structures

Shade Structures

A shade structure canopy is composed of the solar panels being utilized as roofing material. These systems are usually used to cover equipment and livestock as wells as patio covers in the backyard.

Close up view of agricultural solar array

Ground Mount

Ground mounts can be a great product to utilize if you have the space to accommodate it. Not only can the system be built for optimum tilt and azimuth for best production, it is also easier to clean and maintain the panels.

JP Electric and Solar Commercial install multi family solar array

Roof Mount

Implementing a solar program can help boost your bottom line, invigorate employees and improve your brand reputation. The Helix Roof system is a fully integrated solution designed for efficiency, reliability and rapid installation–so you can quickly realize the benefits of solar with minimal business disruption.

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